AOS Detergent Chemical Raw Material Sodium alpha olefin sulfonate powder for washing powder price

মুল্য পরিবর্তন হবে আপনি যে পরিমাণ অর্ডার করবেন তার উপর নির্ভর করে
1.0 - 19 kilogram
20.0 - 99 kilogram
100.0 - 499 kilogram
>= 500.0 kilogram
Price: ৳350.0 / kilogram

Key Features

  • AOS Powder
  • Foaming Booster
  • Packaging: 20kg Bag

Item Specification

Brand China
Origin China
Type Detergent Raw Materials
Product name Alpha olefin sulfonate
Usage detergent,shampoo, soap, textile


Product Description

It is widely used in daily chemical industry, such as washing powder, compound soap, tableware detergent and non phosphorus detergent: used in shampoo, bath agent, cleansing cream and other cleaning cosmetics: for industrial detergent,such as oil field, mine, building, fire fighting, textile printing and dyeing:it can also be used as air entraining agent and expansion agent in construction industry, and foam agent for fire fighting.