Best Quality Ivermectin 3% Made in Vietnam

মুল্য পরিবর্তন হবে আপনি যে পরিমাণ অর্ডার করবেন তার উপর নির্ভর করে
1.0 - 29 kilogram
30.0 - 149 kilogram
150.0 - 299 kilogram
>= 300.0 kilogram
Price: ৳980.0 / kilogram

Key Features

  • Model NO. ivermectin oral solution
  • MOQ 1000 Bottles
  • Packing Design OEM; ODM
  • Varieties: Parasite Disease Prevention Medicine
  • Component:Ivermectin
  • Type:The First Class
  • Pharmacodynamic Influential Factors: Combined Medication
  • Storage Method:Light Proof

Item Specification

Origin Vietnam
pack size 30liter/jar


Product Description

Product Name: Aquaculture Fish Use 3% Ivermectin Oral solution Composition: Ivermectin---------3% Exp. qsp-----------1ml Indication: It is indicated for the treatment of all kinds of internal parasites in fish including round worm(philometra), thorny-headed worms(Acanthocephala), tape worm(Bothriocephalus). For the treatment of exterinal parasites such as: Lernaea, Argulus, Saprolegnia, Trichodina, Gyrodactylus and Dactylogyrus. Dosage & Administration Treatment by dilute 100ml in 10-12 thousand cubic meter water area. Mix feed 1,000ml/250-300kg of feed or 1,000ml/9-10 tons of fish. Using 2 days each month for prevention of parasitic disease. Notes: -Dilue with enpugh amount of water(about 7 liters of water for 40 kg of dry feed). Spry on feed, cover feed with squid liver oil, let stand for 60 minutes before feeding. -To ensure all of medicated feed is eaten. It should be mixed and fed with just 20~30% its own weight of feed. Attention: No use over dose Withdrawl Time: 1 week before harvest