Beverage Cloudy Agent liquid flavours supplier in Bangladesh

Package Quantity : 250ml
250ml ৳ 450.0
500ml ৳ 780.0
1000ml ৳ 1500.0
Price: 450.0



Product Description

A clouding agent is a food additive, which is commonly used in beverages and other liquid products. It increases the opacity (cloudiness) and thereby improves the appearance of the beverage. Many clouding agents on the market today are based on inexpensive citrus oils, which are prone to oxidation and off-taste. Titanium dioxide are also often used in clouding agents, due to its strong clouding effect. However, more and more countries are now banning the use of this ingredient due to health concerns. LJ ingredients are offering clouding agents, which are superior to most alternatives on the market: Titanium dioxide free Citrus oil free No odour No preservatives Storage at ambient temperature Very high turbidity (950 NTU at 0.1% dosage) Products are available on both liquid and powder forms.