Butter Flavour Liquid | Butter Essence for Cake | Essence for cakes, cookies and desserts | Flavouring agent

Package Quantity : 100ml
100ml ৳ 260.0
250ml ৳ 490.0
500ml ৳ 850.0
1000ml ৳ 1630.0
Price: 260.0

Key Features

  • Butter flavor — Butter flavor is best used by large food producers, due to its highly concentrated properties and food handling risks.
  • Butter flavor is safe to eat and can help create a low-calorie, vegan, kosher, and dairy-free food.


Product Description

Butter flavor can be found in ice creams, microwave popcorn, and other foods found in grocery stores. Butter flavor is often created by isolating compounds like diacetyl, acetyl propionyl, or acetoin. These compounds can be sourced from butter, soybeans, or other oils. Mixing any of these compounds with water and other ingredients creates a rich buttery flavor that many consumers have come to know and love. In the 2000s, the government acknowledged that there can be dangers of improper handling of large quantities of butter flavor by workers. Those issues have since been corrected. Additionally, the federal government has said consumers can enjoy the rich butter flavor that comes from these compounds without much worry. There will always be real butter purists, of course. But many grocery store foods use butter flavorings instead of butter, and many people never even think to ask about butter. Butter flavor’s health benefits are a part of what separates it from real butter. For consumers looking to eat healthily, butter flavoring is a wonderful option. Butter flavor doesn’t have a calorie to its name because it isolates compounds within milk or soybeans. This process separates the flavor from the fat content and many other unnecessary parts found in butter. Is butter flavor healthy? Butter flavor can be made kosher and without GMOs, which are great pluses for most consumers who keep their eyes on the label. Here are a few of our different flavors: Butter Real C3 — Made with actual butter for label purists, this butter flavor is certified Kosher Dairy and can be used in various food applications for added flavor. Buttermilk Flavor Parve — A Kosher Parve product without any allergens, this natural buttermilk flavor is a great addition to many products where straight butter may not suffice. Butter Flavor – Oil Based — This non-diacetyl butter flavor is made from soybean oil. It is also Kosher Parve and does not contain any dairy allergens