Emulsifying Wax / Croda Wax - for Cosmetics / Creams / Lotions / Balms

Package Quantity : 100 gm
100 gm ৳ 150.0
250 gm ৳ 350.0
500 gm ৳ 550.0
1000 gm ৳ 1000.0
Price: 150.0



Product Description

Emulsifying Wax Is A Commonly Used Ingredient In Cosmetics And Personal Care Products. It Helps To Blend Oil And Water-Based Ingredients Together To Create A Stable Emulsion, Preventing Separation And Providing A Smooth, Consistent Texture. Benefits Of Using Emulsifying Wax Pallets Include Ease Of Use, Consistency In Formulations And Longer Shelf Life Of The Final Product. Additionally, Emulsifying Wax Pallets Are Easy To Melt And Incorporate Into Formulations, Saving Time And Reducing The Risk Of Contamination.