Liquid Germall Plus Preservetive for Shampoo, Lotion, facewash, Serum etc.

Package Quantity : 50gm
50gm ৳ 400.0
100gm ৳ 700.0
250gm ৳ 1500.0
500gm ৳ 2800.0
1000gm ৳ 5500.0
Price: 400.0

Key Features

  • Clear viscous liquid
  • Ideal preservative system for shampoo, lotion and facewash
  • Used in a wide variety of formulas, including skin fresheners, skin care products, skin cleansing products, makeup bases and foundations, shampoos


Product Description

A convenient, easy to incorporate version of Germall Plus dissolved in a base of 60% propylene glycol. Can be used in surfactant based systems such as shampoos and body/shower gels, conditioners and other high water content products. Ideal for water-in-oil and oil-in-water emulsions, creams and lotions, make-up and other highly pigmented products. Not for use in products intended to be aerosolized.