Premium Quality Food-grade Citric Acid

Package Quantity : 100gm
100gm ৳ 60.0
250 gm ৳ 120.0
500 gm ৳ 200.0
1000 gm ৳ 350.0
Price: 60.0

Key Features

  • 100% Pure, Premium Quality Food-grade Citric Acid
  • A natural preservative and a commonly used ingredient for cheese-making.
  • Since it's naturally sour in flavor, Citric Acid is used in many sour dishes and to impart a tart flavor in baking dishes.


Product Description

Citric acid is the most important fruit acid which naturally makes it the most chosen acid for food flavourings. It lends a tangy tasty taste to processed food products such as soft drinks, fruit juices, fruit jams, jellies, and sugar confectionery. It is also used in dry mixtures, soups, sauces and pickles.