Pure Kojic Acid Powder | LIGHTENS & BRIGHTENS SKIN | Diminishes the Appearance of Brown Spots & Discoloration | for DIY Soaps, Creams, and Serums

Package Quantity : 25 gm
25 gm ৳ 400.0
50 gm ৳ 700.0
100 gm ৳ 1200.0
250 gm ৳ 2750.0
500 gm ৳ 5000.0
1000 gm ৳ 9500.0
Price: 400.0

Key Features

  • DIMINISHES THE APPEARANCE OF DARK SPOTS, SCARS, & HYPERPIGMENTATION – Bos Essentials pure Kojic Acid Powder works with the skins natural renewal process to slough off damaged, thickened, & discolored skin
  • NO BLEACH, MERCURY, HYDROQUINONE, OR UNCURED LYE – Kojic acid is a 100% NATURAL lightening product. Its anti-aging, anti-microbial, and collagen boosting properties make it a powerful ingredient for long-term skin health
  • NO FILLERS, NO FUSS – JUST PURE KOJIC ACID POWDER. BHA, parabens, petroleum distillate… you wouldn’t eat these products, so why put them on your skin? In a world of cheap fillers and manufactured hype, kojic acid’s record of efficacy make it an all star skincare ingredient
  • CREATE UNIQUE, ECONOMICAL SKINCARE FORMULATIONS. Bos Essentials Kojic Acid Powder can be added to the lotion, serum, or soap of your choice to create a custom formulation at a fraction of the cost of pre-made products


Product Description

What is Kojic Acid?

Kojic Acid is a powerful skin-brightener that's a favorite amongst dermatologists and estheticians. It is a natural metabolite produced by certain types of fungi.